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You've never had coverage like this before! No other plan room even comes close to the bid coverage and feature set that you get with We're the only provider to offer Complete Bid Coverage, our ground breaking new method of distribution. Not only do we advertise your project to all of our registered users and make it free to view, but we'll even submit your project to the other plan rooms of your choice. With the best bid coverage and feature set anywhere, is the only plan room you'll ever need.

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Why submit your project more than once? Just post your project on and we'll submit your project to the plan rooms of your choice for free. With you have just one location to manage and advertise your projects. Whenever you upload an addendum or change any project information such as the bid date, we automatically send out a notification email to everyone tracking the project in our system AND any plan rooms that you've invited ensuring that everyone is up to date. We even provide detailed and searchable email history so that you can verify that everyone was notified.

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Just fill out a short web form indicating the project title, location, description, and bid date.
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Uploading documents has never been easier. Just use our document management tools to create folders, upload, and manage your documents.
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Not only will we advertise your project to all of our registered users and make it free to view, but we'll even submit it to other planrooms for free.

  • Free to post.
  • Free to view & bid.
  • Your project is advertised in our daily new project email notice to all members.
  • Option to advertise your project on other plan rooms.
  • Automatic email addenda notifications keep your project on track.
  • On screen markup and measureing tools make takeoffs and clarifications a breeze.
  • All files and data backed up nightly, and secured on multiple hard drives. Never lose another file to hard drive or computer failure.
  • Free tech support for all users. We take care of tech problems so you can focus on your projects!
  • Detailed project tracking, all of your project activity is automatically tracked and recorded in searchable format.
  • Secure central location for all of your project documents available 24-7.
  • Print files for free on your own equipment, or order copies from any reprographic firm.